Calabash Market – A Coral Bay Gem!

Calabash Market – A Coral Bay Gem!

Before you make the turn up to Calabash Boom, you notice our treasured market on the right side – aptly named, you guessed it…. “Calabash Market”! This is the closest market to us and is well stocked for all your basic provisioning – groceries, fresh produce, cuts of meat, locally caught fish, cold beer to quench your thirst, and rum for your afternoon rum delight. And the local proprietors – Ali and Mercedes – are there every day with their welcoming smiles (these days they’re of course sporting masks, but trust me, they’re smiling!). It’s an awesome local market, and we frequent it often.

Well, the Calabash Crew apparently wasn’t satisfied with “awesome”, so they decided to fill a void left in Coral Bay after the much-loved Pickles Deli was destroyed by Irmaria. So, they stepped up their market game this past summer, and partnered with a local chef to provide even more service and options to those of us on the quieter side of paradise. And boy, did they knock it out of the park!

Calabash Market is now proud to provide homemade, cooked to order breakfast sandwiches Monday – Friday until 11am. Fresh! Cooked to order! With organic eggs, cheese, sausage, thick cut bacon or organic veggies, on your choice of bagel (pick your flavor!) or English muffin – which are ALSO freshly baked using all organic ingredients!! (Vegan breakfast sandwiches are also available, because that’s how they roll – inclusive to all…) But seriously, their sammies are delicious, and starting at $6, I’m going to say they’re the best deal around. You can partner your hot sandwich with some fruit salad, a freshly baked muffin and a cuppa Joe, and head on over across the street to enjoy that fabulousness while sitting on the seawall right next to the Caribbean Sea. It’s a convenient and delicious start to your vacation day.

But wait, there’s more! Besides breakfast, the Calabash Crew is also offering fresh grab-and-go meals – soups, salads, quinoa and rice bowls – with meat or vegan, pasta specialties, and even sushi rolls. There are beautiful gourmet selections, all homemade and always featuring locally sourced veggies and greens from Josephine’s organic garden in Coral Bay. There are a variety of delights every day, fantastic for lunch at the beach or dinner at the villa. Or both! Hey, you’re on vacation…

So, in other words, after you enjoy your alfresco breakfast on the seawall, head back into the Market and fill your cooler with some fresh salads and refreshments, and make your way to your favorite beach! Or alternatively, if at the end of a fantastically busy day in paradise, you’re thinking dinner in, stop and grab some chef prepared meals to enjoy at the villa. And if you’re in the mood for preparing your own meal, they have freshly caught local fish Tuesdays and Fridays ready for you throw on the grill while watching the moonrise over the down islands. Just ask. Either option will be delicious, and leave you more time for relaxing and stargazing from the spa. Perfection.

We hope you’ll stop by and enjoy all that the Calabash Market has to offer.
It’s a Coral Bay treasure!