Coral Bay Restaurants

Coral Bay Restaurants

The restaurant scene in Coral Bay has gone through quite a few changes since the hurricanes of 2017. Sadly, some of the best loved gathering spots exist only in the hearts and minds of the patrons who loved them – like Shipwreck Landing and Pickles Deli. Happily there are some new spots open, in addition to some old faves that keep on keeping on… here are just a few:

Skinny Legs is probably the most famous of the Coral Bay restaurant scene – renowned for their burgers with chips, no fries. (Ever. Avoiding fryers and fryer oil and the disposal of fryer oil on an island with limited resources is their nod to the environment, and I think it’s awesome.) They also have salads and a variety of sandwiches – my fave is the blackened mahi sandwich with grilled mushrooms and onions . They have a daily special burger, delicious tropical drinks and of course cold beer. Top it off with friendly service, laid back vibe, and a couple TVs to watch the game of the day, and you can see why it’s a perennial favorite.

Newer to the restaurant scene is the Salty Mongoose Pizza and Rum Beach Bar. Even though they’ve only been open since October 2020, they’ve gotten quite popular. And when you consider their beach bar atmosphere, their top notch artisan pizza, a great selection of “Salty” cocktails, and not to mention the “Walk the Plank” rum flight, it’s easy to see why. (Cash only, but no worries, there’s an ATM at the Dolphin Market next door.)

On the corner of Centerline and St 107, right next to the “Welcome to Coral Bay” sign, you’ll find the Ekaete Pink Corner Caribbean Restaurant, a wonderful establishment with an array of absolutely delicious local specialties, all made with love by Ekaete herself. Entrees vary (see the placard out front), but may include rotis, BBQ ribs or chicken, conch with butter sauce, stewed oxtails, pasta primavera, and of course a variety of pates. She offers homemade local juices like tamarind and sorrel (my fave!) and great smoothies too. Do yourself a favor and stop by when you see the chalkboard placard out front. You won’t be disappointed!

The last restaurant I’d like to mention is closest to the villa, and is known for their “wicked good” Boston/NY style pizza, called Pizzabar in Paradise. Their description on Facebook is perfect – “A tiny little pizzabar (in paradise) serving up pizza, calzone, salad, beer, wine, sangria, cocktails and more.” Head down the hill, place your order, enjoy a libation while you wait to take your piping hot pizza back to the villa. It’s my favorite pizza (and that’s saying something from this Chicago Girl!).